Ready Reserves at Delta Airlines are just as hard working as their permanent counterparts. Every day they endure the same hazards, and physical and financial demands equal to every permanent benefited worker.

Yet Delta, which in 2016 had net profits $2 billion more than their next closest competitor American Airlines, continues to treat their Ready Reserves like second class citizens. Ironically, one of the big reasons Delta’s profits are so high is due to the unequal wages and benefits paid Ready Reserve employees. United Airlines, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines workers are part of a union, and no such inequality exists for newer or part time employees. Look at the difference being part of a union can make: 

By forming a union at Delta Airlines, ramp, cargo and tower workers can fight together to correct the gross injustices that Ready Reserve workers currently endure each and every day. Together WE CAN bring about these changes:

  •   Pay scale equal to permanent benefited workers
  •   Health insurance equal to permanent benefited workers
  •   Matching 401k equal to permanent benefited workers
  •   Paid vacation equal to permanent benefited workers
  •   Personal Paid Time (PPT) accrual equal to permanent benefited workers
  •   Paid holidays equal to permanent benefited worker
  •   Flexible schedules with no yearly cap on hours

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