Suppose, instead of your ramp job at Delta, you were recently hired at United:

  • You are now on a pay progression with a top out of $33.30 per hour
  • You have the flexibility of swaps, with no limit on the amount of shifts you can pick up and no limit on how many hours you can work in a year. Schedules range from 20, 25 or 30 hours per week. You only have to work half of your scheduled hours each month to stay qualified
  • You will now receive 6 paid holidays per year
  • You will receive 1 week paid vacation your 1st year, 2 weeks each year from your 2nd until your 8th year, 3 weeks each year until your 15th year, … 6 weeks after 29 years
  • You will now receive between 6-12 paid sick days each year, depending on how many hours you work, until you are full time in which you will receive 12 paid sick days each year
  • You will now be eligible for employer provided health insurance for yourself and your family
  • You will now be earning a pension with a current accrual rate of $79.84 per month per year of service, to reach $87.33 in 2021. (Retiring after 30 years at these rates would give you approximately $2500 per month for life)
  • You will receive profit sharing and are eligible for 401k match
  • You now have the right to have a union representative to accompany you anytime a manager addresses anything that could lead to discipline. Through the union grievance procedure, you have the right and opportunity to challenge any discipline with the goal of getting it reduced or eliminated
  • Your station and your job is now protected with scope language that defines work performed by ramp employees and prevents vendors and contractors from performing this work

Would this be too good to be true? No. This is what every New Hire at United gets. Because they are unionized, they just voted in a 5-year contract that has all of the above and many other guarantees in writing.

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