A large percentage of Delta Air Lines employees are now Ready Reserve. This program provides cheap labor for Delta and treatsReady Reserves as second class workers. With a union we would push for :

  1. A pay progression with regular raises similar to what permanent employees get.
  2. Vacation Accruals for Ready Reserves.
  3. Health Benefits for Ready Reserves.
  4. Eliminating pay cut if a Ready Reserve goes full time.
  5. More full time positions for those who want full time, and continued flexibility for those who want to remain Ready Reserve.
  6. Ability to participate in a matching 401k and a pension plan.

The only way to make this a reality is with a union and a contract. Ready Reserves, junior employees and senior employees joined together can create a better future for all of us. We invite you to be part of this future by signing a union card and becoming an active participant in the union campaign.

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