Delta justifies this with, “You get less profit sharing in exchange for guaranteed money in your hourly wage.”

The truth is you can have both. Just ask the pilots. They received both a high profit sharing formula and an industry leading wage.  Why? They have a union. More truth, if Delta is to keep our wages in line with the industry average they had to give us a raise.  But, with the cut we all took based on the new profit sharing formula—you were forced to finance your own raise.

Delta’s slogan is “Still Climbing”, but here are the things that are really climbing:

  • Medical Insurance Premiums
  • Rate of productivity demanded from us.
  • Injuries.
  • Difficulty meeting Shared Reward Bonuses.
  • Inflation.
  • Percentage of temporary, non-benefited employees.
  • Number of Cargo and Mail facilities being outsourced to DGS.

Isn’t it time we had voice in our future? Isn’t it time we had a contract that guarantees all workers at Delta fair and equitable wages, benefits and profit sharing. We Can. SIGN A UNION CARD TODAY.

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