Over the last several months, Delta Air Lines employees have been working to secure the right to another vote for union representation. Thousands of election request cards have been signed to date, reflecting significant support within the ramp group. Please join us in our effort to bring dignity, security, respect, fairness to our workplace by signing a card today.

We have organizers in every city and station. If you don’t know who to contact in your station, leave a message below. We believe that by unionizing we can improve our terms of employment and protect our jobs for the future.

As Delta Air Lines employees who support the right to vote for union representation, we seek the following:  

  • Full benefits and seniority for all Delta ramp, cargo, and tower employees; including Ready Reserves. No more second class citizens.
  • Ending the lower wage scale for those hired after January 1, 2009.
  • An end to revolving door jobs.
  • A workplace free of management intimidation and favoritism.
  • Legal protection from the outsourcing of our ramp and cargo jobs.
  • Industry leading wages for all Delta employees.
  • A defined-benefit pension plan that provides a secure retirement.
  • Affordable pre-Medicare retiree medical insurance.
  • A strong safety net protecting us if we are sick or injured on the job.
  • An end to management changing the rules at any time for any reason.
  • A real voice in the workplace in which we will be able to collectively bargain with Delta and vote on our terms of employment.
  • Creates a culture of solidarity and involvement among members.
  • Promotes healthy debate and discussion.
  • Respects all members.
  • Uses the power of workers to get the best contract possible.
  • Encourages all members to become involved and become leaders.
  • Makes it easy for members to vote and participate by making our union user friendly.
  • Makes it easy for members to run for office.
  • Has a dues structure that is fair for all pay scales.
  • Has complete financial transparency and compensation for officers in line with the pay of members.
  • Requires elected leaders to be on the floor frequently and engaged with those they represent.