Meet Stefanie

Welcome to my Dal Ramp blog! Here you will find easy recipes for everyday and turnkey batch cooking menus with shopping lists and cooking steps. Find the pleasure of homemade food, have fun in the kitchen and treat your friends and family with flavours from around the world.

My name is Stefanie Darcey and I’m from London. I run this blog since 2009 with always the same desire: to share my recipes and cooking tips with others. Since I was a little girl, I have always been interested in cooking, starting with pastry making and then savory dishes when I had to feed myself. And out of all, Indian Dal was my favourite and go-to.

When I opened this blog years ago, I thought of it as a simple collection of the recipes I was testing. I wanted to have them always at hand and to be able to share them more easily with my friends and family when they asked me for them.

Little by little, the blog grew to my greatest surprise: who were these people I didn’t know who came to see my recipes and test them? I couldn’t believe it when I saw 100 then 200 then 500 people visiting me and leaving little words on my blog. That’s it, I was hooked into blogging and this great way to express myself and meet people from all walks of life.